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Something we all have in common is the fact that we need some sort of transportation to get us from home to work, or school, and every other activity in life. And at some point, we'll all be shopping for a new or used car, truck, or SUV. Once you become a vehicle owner, you'll soon find out that there is routine maintenance, and sometimes costly repairs that need to be addressed. There are many certified mechanics, body shops, and friendly car dealers in the West Michigan area to meet all your automotive needs.


Auto Dealers, New & Used Vehicles

The West Michigan area has many new and used car dealers that can show you a variety of models in the color of your choice. Sports cars, vans, four wheel drives, or a family sedan...you're guaranteed to get the vehicle that best suits your needs at a West Michigan auto dealer. And because they're local, you'll get the personal service you want, with great follow-up care for your new purchase.


Auto Repairs & Routine Maintenance

About every three months or 3,000 miles, it's important to get a routine oil change to keep your vehicle in top shape. Auto parts such as tires, brakes, wiper blades, mufflers & exhaust, spark plugs, and filters are other mandatory parts of a vehicle that will eventually need to be replaced after significant wear and tear. It's important to choose a trusted and certified auto repair shop to keep your vehicle properly maintained and taken care of over the years. The West Michigan area is home to many auto repair businesses that are ready to serve your vehicle.

Vehicle Body Shops

It happens...everyone gets a minor fender-bender once in a while, or maybe you come across a ding or a scratch on your nice shiny paint. Who do you call? Contact a West Michigan body repair shop to get an estimate to fix the imperfections on your vehicle. Does your vehicle need a good spring cleaning, inside and out? West Michigan body shops and car washes know the tricks to getting the stains out from the interior fabrics and surfaces in your vehicle, even the awful, ugly stains that have collected over the years! Just got a chip in your windshield? Call a West Michigan glass or windshield specialist to fill the chip and prevent it from further cracks.


Transportation & Car Rentals

If you're arriving in the area and in need of a car, you can find the model of your choice at one of West Michigan's car rental companies. Many offer free pick-up and delivery. There is also taxicab services available in some areas if you need a last minute ride. Car broke down on the side of the road? Call a
towing service to get your vehicle to a nearby repair shop.

RV Sales & Service - Recreational Vehicles

Looking for something fun to take a break or take a vacation in? Browse recreational vehicles to find one that fits in your life and budget.

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