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Are you unable to drive yourself around, had a little too much to drink or need something delivered or picked up but no time in your schedule to do it? Perhaps you have a flight to take out of town but don't want to leave your car in long term parking. Taxis, cabs and shuttle services are a great way to get all your running and errands done without having to drive! Call a taxicab if you need a ride home after a night out, it is safe, economical, and protects you from the dangers of drunk driving. Most taxicabs are available 24/7 and can be called to pick up or drop off anywhere in town. Shuttle services offer pick up and drop off to out of town locations, airports, hospitals (for non-emergent transport), or hotels. Local delivery services pick up take out food orders, office supplies, or other purchased goods and bring them right to your door, saving you precious time!

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Ludington Taxi
Ludington Mass Transportation Authority
5545 Carr St., Ludington, MI 49431, (231) 845-6218
Ludington Taxi
(231) 845-9693
We offer fast, friendly service plus clean, well maintained mini vans. Locally owned, commercially insured. Open 24/7. Delivery available, as well as long distance transportation. We accept time call reservations. Cheaper than a DUI. We don't monkey around with transportation.
Town & Country Taxi and Delivery Service, LLC
(231) 425-3134

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