West Michigan Area
Locally Sourced Foods

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The Jam Farm Ludington
Arctic Foods
1525 Industrial Park Drive, Hart, MI 49220, (231) 301-8400
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Country Dairy
3476 S. 80th Ave., New Era, MI 49446, (231) 861-4636
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Country View Bakery
5722 W. US-10, Ludington, MI 49431, (231) 425-6791
New location! Delicious and healthy. Everything made from scratch with no preservatives. Tasty homemade breads, variety of pie flavors, delicious granola. Nice selection of cookies (some wheat-free), non-GMO bread, birthday cakes, and bulk foods. Delicious, fresh roasted Guatemalan coffee. Try one of our juicy burgers, baked to perfection.
Couturier Blueberry Farm
2687 N. Jebavy Dr., Ludington, MI 49431, (231) 845-5664
Fox Barn Market & Winery
500 S. 18th Ave., Shelby, MI 49455, (231) 861-8050
Hayes Farms, LLC
6870 S. Brye Rd., Ludington, MI 49431, (231) 869-5606
KandyLand Dairy & Creamery
117 W. Meisenheimer Rd., Scottville, MI 49454, (231) 578-5339
Kasza Sugar Bush
2500 W. Buchanan Rd., Shelby, MI 49455, (231) 742-1930
Kid Ranch
2146 E. Beyer Rd, Free Soil, MI 49411, (231) 398-7163
Kistlercrest Farms
4049 S. Pere Marquette Hwy., Ludington, MI 49431, (231) 843-3032
Lake Effect Apiaries
5871 W. 7th St., Mears, MI 49436, (231) 923-3725
Laughing Tree Brick Oven Bakery
3830 E. Hazel Rd., Hart, MI 49420, (231) 873-9820
Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo
4180 W. M20, New Era, MI 49446, (231) 861-5730
A full day of fun awaits at Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo where we grow Fruit, Fun, & Memories on West Michigan’s lakeshore! SHOP the market for fresh produce and homemade goodies, EXPLORE over 46+ activities for all ages, and MEET over 75+ unique animals including camels and kangaroos!
Liberty Family Farm and Bakery
4520 E. Filmore Rd, Hart, MI 49420, (231) 873-3737
Little Red Organics
A 20-acre farmstead in Free Soil. Certified Organic veggies and cut flowers, serving farmers' markets and Community Supported Agriculture customers. Our desire to live with purpose, health, and honesty inspires not only our livelihood, but also the regard we have for the land, animals, and people that make up life on the farm.
Maple Moon Farm
(231) 861-2535
McBritton Farm
757 S. Brye Rd., Ludington, MI 49431, (231) 690-5841
Merten Farms
230 E. Polk Rd., Hart, MI 49420
Michigan Farm Cheese Dairy
4295 E. Millerton Rd., Fountain, MI 49410, (231) 462-3301
Miller's Marketplace
202 N. Main Street, Scottville, MI 49454, (231) 233-1584
Old Silo Farm
7183 N. Custer Rd., Free Soil, MI 49411, (231) 464-6141
Omage Coffee Roasters
(231) 690-3175
Orchard Market - Freesoil
8400 N. US-31, Freesoil, MI 49411, (231) 464-5534
The best in homegrown produce, fresh from our own farm--like strawberries, apples, cherries, peaches, sweet corn, pumpkins, and more. Beautiful annuals, perennials and flowers are found in our greenhouse. Bakery features freshly baked bread and rolls, fudge, pies, and more. Family owned since 1960.
Orchard Market - Ludington
212 S. Pere Marquette Hwy., Ludington, MI 49431, (231) 843-4603
We carry a complete line of seasonal fruits and vegetables, farm fresh and delicious. Come shop our selection of jams and jellies, honey, cheeses, fudge, and maple syrup. Our nursery and greenhouse feature a variety of plants, flowers, hanging baskets, and small trees. Family owned since 1960.
Pine Row Farm
214 E. Yale Rd., Rothbury, MI 49452, (231) 638-0465
Rennhack Orchards Market
3731 W. Polk Rd., Hart, MI 49420, (231) 873-7523
Skyview Orchards
5996 W. Meisenheimer Rd., Ludington, MI 49431, (231) 843-2042
Stout's Melody Acres
6841 S. Hamilton Rd., Branch, MI 49402, (317) 292-5822
Stuart Family Organics
(231) 690-3000
The Blueberry Patch
5123 Fisher Rd., Ludington, MI 49431, (231) 843-9619
The Cabin Market
9326 W. Shelby Rd., Shelby, MI 49455, (231) 861-4153
The Jam Farm
5075 W. Meisenheimer, Ludington, MI 49431, (231) 845-9909
Enjoy the Jamlady's homemade jams, jellies and marmalades with over 50 different flavors! All fruit comes from the Jam Farm or local neighbors. No preservatives or artificial flavors! Homemade gift baskets are always available and are great for any occasion! Stop by the produce stand on the farm, grown by the Jamdude!
Ware Farm
9094 Alkire Rd., Bear Lake, MI 49614, (231) 864-3242
Woodland Farm Market
5393 W. Shelby Rd., Shelby, MI 49455, (231) 861-5380