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Chimney Sweeps

Having a fire in the fireplace can add a cozy ambiance to your home as well as providing warmth on a cold night, but care must be taken to avoid a chimney fire which could be disastrous. Inspection and cleaning of the chimney should be done regularly by a professional chimney sweep.

Chimneys serve as an exit for smoke, gases, unburned wood particles and water vapors from the wood being burned in the fireplace or wood stove. When these substances flow up into the cooler chimney, condensation occurs and residue can stick to the inner chimney walls, causing a build-up of creosote. If this builds up in sufficient quantity, the result could be a chimney fire.

The professional chimney sweep inspects your venting system annually, and cleans and repairs it when needed. Some sweeps also offer flue repair, relining and rebuilding of masonry chimneys.

With proper chimney system care, chimney fires are preventable.

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